How to Generate More Referrals In The Next 30 Days Than You Did In The Last 12 Months


ReferralsOnAutopilot is an online course
Here’s what’s included…

How to increase the number of referrals you get without having to ask for them.

For many professionals, asking for referrals is uncomfortable, even painful. You often feel like you’re imposing on your clients and colleagues. As a result, most people don’t get even a fraction of the referrals that are available.

I’ll show you how to attract referrals, without having to ask 1-on-1 so you can avoid that “salesy” feeling.

Build valuable, long-term relationships with people who can endorse you to their clients

Referral partners are great, but “endorsers” as better. Referral partners can introduce you to two or three potential clients in a year. Endorsers can introduce you to dozens, even hundreds of their clients and friends.

You’ll learn how to identify the endorsers in your network, connect with them, give them a reason to want to help you and get them to endorse you to their clients and friends.

Leverage simple, low-cost marketing tools to reduce the time you spend turning referrals into clients

Every year a ton of business is lost because busy professionals don’t have a plan for dealing with referrals that don’t become clients right away.

The old methods of follow-up calls and emails repel your prospects and turn you into a pest. (You know how you feel when someone hounds you every two weeks…eventually you stop taking their calls.)

I’ll teach you how to use simple, low-cost marketing tools to follow-up in a way that prospects welcome. This is how to turn more referrals into clients, and build a consistent stream of referral business (“on Autopilot”).

How to create a simple, repeatable process that generates referrals consistently

When you’re done with the course, you’ll have built a simple to implement, low-cost system to generate referral business.

This is the best way to eliminate the feast or famine cycle that most professionals live with. And, as you’ll find, it can be done in just an hour or two each week (less time than you’ll spend at a typical weekly networking group).

How to put together a referral kit that delivers value to your potential client and to the person who refers them

People get uncomfortable with referrals (both asking and giving) because the implication is that, “if I refer my friend to you, you’re going to sell him something.” And no one likes to be sold.
I’ll show you how to reverse those referral fears using a “Referral Kit” that your referral partners and clients can give to their contacts as a low-threat way of introducing you.

You’ll be positioned as an expert, your referral partner or client will look like a hero and your potential client will find it easy to say yes to moving to the next step in the buying process.

According to a survey by the New York Times, 65% of business comes from referrals.


Yet, a separate survey by best-selling author John Jantsch found that 79.9% of businesses have no system for getting referrals.

If your business relies on word-of-mouth or referrals and you don’t have a plan for making them happen consistently, then one small disruption in the flow of referrals (like a key referral partner dying or retiring or moving) will seriously impact your business.

Course modules

Module 1: How to use the psychology of referrals to overcome the 4 Referral Barriers

Module 2: The simple formula for creating your “Rockin’ Referral Kit” in a single day

Module 3: Identifying your “Promoters” and making them WANT to refer you

Module 4: How to move from drip, drip, drip referrals to mass endorsement

Module 5: Growing referrals into clients

When you register today you’ll get immediate access to Module 1, then, each week you’ll receive a new module (5 in all). By following along week-by-week you’ll build a solid referral system, without getting overwhelmed.

SPECIAL BONUS: “Create an Attractive, High Converting Lead Magnet in a Weekend”

A “lead magnet” is a great component of a winning Referral Kit and Ian Brodie’s very good at helping you develop yours. Ian’s put together a special bonus lesson on how to create a super valuable lead magnet. He covers:

  • How to come up with lead magnet topics your potential clients will want to sign up for
  • The “Cosmo Touch” technique for naming your lead magnet to make it irresistible
  • Choosing the right media for your lead magnet for maximum impact
  • How to structure and create a lead magnet that will deliver on your promises and get your subscribers wanting more

Ian’s Secret Strategies for Creating Compelling Lead Magnets is worth $97…but for a limited time he’s given me permission to include it here, free.

Stop wondering why you’re not getting more referrals and start building a system to attract them. You’ve got nothing to lose, all the risk is on me…

Take it for a spin for 60-days Risk Free

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If you need clients and hope to get them through referrals then you owe it to yourself to start today. If after seeing all that the ReferralsOnAutopilot course has to offer you decide it’s not for you, simply send an email to and we will cheerfully refund your full purchase price.

So, take it for a spin and start getting more referrals today. It’s completely risk free for 60 days.

“It’s Like Magic”

“I would highly recommend Steve to any small company that wants to intelligently increase their market presence without having to expand their budget. His simple but highly effective ideas and implementation allow us to make the changes we need efficiently and painlessly. It’s like magic!”

–West Edwards, Vice President, Tadlock Roofing, Tallahassee, FL

“Insightful, Focused”

marjorie-schoelles“Insightful, focused and able to drill down to the real issues are skills Steve brings to any business challenge. He has the ability to take a great deal of information and data, distilling it to the point where actionable items are uncovered, leading to business growth and higher performance. Steve excels at helping small businesses through improved marketing and processes. When I consider Steve’s skills combined with his integrity, it is easy to recommend Steve to other business owners and entrepreneurs.”

–Marjorie Schoelles, Homes & Land Magazine

“Thanks to Steve, Our Productivity has increased and our sales are higher!”

“Before working with Steve, we were frustrated with our business, our clients, and each other. After each consultation we left with ideas we could implement immediately. When we took the advice and changed our business habits, we experienced positive results…instantly.”

“Thanks to Steve, our productivity has increased and our sales are higher because we’re not competing on price, we’re charging for value we deliver to our clients.”

–Renee & Tony Miller, Grapevine Marketing, Tallahassee, Florida

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“I Recommend Him Highly”

dennis-scarry“I have struggled with marketing my business. I have always desired to have systematic way to market my business. Steve has given me that system. I watch his videos more than once to make sure I get all of the golden nuggets out of them. I recommend him highly.”

–Dennis Scarry, Owner, Time Saver Accounting

“I STRONGLY Recommend Steve Gordon”

joe-amanfu“I started working with Steve 6 weeks ago to help me improve the marketing of my business as a Leadership Coach. After only 2 weeks, I discovered that I did not have any auto-pilot “system” that would help bring me clients, and I have started creating one. I’m also amazed at how much bolder I have suddenly become in “asking for the money” with the little marketing knowledge I’ve already gained from Steve. I intend to continue working with Steve on an ongoing basis and would STRONGLY recommend that business owners like myself consider hiring him.

— Dr. Joseph Amanfu, Author of “The Coach’s Journey”

“Steve Gordon is one of the best in the game…”

“When it comes to helping businesses build effective, automated marketing systems to attract high-quality clients, Steve Gordon is one of the best in the game. There’s so much “noise” out there today, touting the virtues of this or that “bright shiny object” or tactic. . If you want to generate better marketing results with less investment of time, money and effort, Steve is your go-to-guy.”

–Donnie Bryant, Direct Marketing Copywriter and Consultant

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What are the most frequently asked questions about the ReferralsOnAutopilot Program?

What specifically will I learn from this product?
You will learn how to create a simple system to attract referrals. Specifically, I’ll show you how to build a referral kit that will help your referral partners open doors for you. You’ll learn how to make it very easy for people to refer you to all of their contacts at once. And you’ll learn how to get referrals without feeling like a salesman in a cheap suit.
I’m an independent professional, how can this product benefit me?
If you’re like most independent professionals, referrals are THE best source of new business for you. This course will teach you how to attract more referrals and do so more easily.
I own a professional practice, how can this product benefit me?
Professional practices thrive on referral business, yet sometimes it’s difficult to get referrals from other professionals in other fields. This course will show you how to break through by creating massive value for your referral partners.
I’m in a strong contact networking group link BNI®, LeTip® or a Chamber of Commerce Leads Group, how can this product help me get better results?
If you’re in a strong contact networking group, you’ve already got a group of willing referral partners. But if you’re like most members in these groups, you may not be getting all the referrals you can. This course will show you how to make referring you VERY easy. And you’ll learn how to turn your referral partner into a hero to their clients/customers/friends.
I don’t have a very big network of contacts, can this product still be beneficial?
The short answer is yes. Using the methods you’ll learn, you will be able to leverage your small network for faster results. All while growing your network of referral partners.
How can this product benefit a local business?
As a local business you may be finding it harder to attract good clients using traditional advertising. This course will show you how to leverage your connections in the community to grow your business by referral.
How can this product benefit a regional, national or international business?
The Webinar Referral Method you’ll learn in Module 4 is one of the most cost effective ways to gain access to clients beyond your local area…even all around the world.
What if I’m not tech savvy, can I still implement what I’ll learn?
Yes. If you can use a word processor, a telephone and a web browser you have all the technical skill you need.
I’m kind of shy and introverted can this product help me get referrals without feeling uncomfortable about asking for them?
Absolutely. One of the primary reasons I created this course was to address this very concern that I heard over and over as I taught live referral marketing seminars. Many, many people are simply uncomfortable asking for the referral. You’ll learn how to avoid the awkwardness all together, because you’ll be giving, instead of taking.
How is this product delivered?
The course is delivered online using videos, audio recordings and PDF worksheets. You’ll receive instant access upon completing your purchase.
Why should I buy this product now instead of waiting?
If you need more clients then waiting will only prolong your struggle. I’ve priced this course within reach of most every business person. Don’t delay…take action now so you can begin to see the results.
What if I don’t like the product?
If you find the product does not match all that I’ve shared with you on this page or if you are unsatisfied for any reason, you may request a prompt, courteous refund within 60 days of purchase.

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Getting more referrals is closer than you think. Click here to start your ReferralsOnAutopilot course.


PS – I hear from smart professionals all the time who say that they’re not getting many referrals and they are just uncomfortable asking. ReferralsOnAutopilot will teach how to attract more referrals by creating massive value for your referral partners (and no, I don’t mean spending six months sending them referrals waiting for them to repay the favor).

If you’re struggling to grow your business with referrals, this small investment (just $97) will put on the right path.

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